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"My early story is a classic one. One of growing up isolated both socially and geographically, in multiple rural situations. This isolation encouraged me towards creative activities and elaborate imaginings that kept me entertained and repeatedly establish my identity. 

A design school drop-out who drifted into art school on the rebound, my College education is pedestrian but sturdy, and so distant now it’s hardly worth mentioning. Today I am primarily a painter, but I also do performance work and installation pieces that reference the same artistic motivation. It is a motivation that has weathered career vagaries and the distraction of making a living. In my professional practice I have worked hard to find a place within an expanding community of acceptance. 

This work navigates a snarl of modern, representational new world influences, and as these influences may predict, my painting has conventional hinges, however I work hard to avoid sentimentality and the purely derivative. I am a veteran of my form who works within a rough continuum and simply persists in finding excuses to make paintings."

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